Hive Learning Networks

Hive Learning Networks underpin a growing movement to put Connected Learning principles into action. The networks’ laboratory approach and catalytic funding model re-imaginine how learning is organized and supported across youth-serving organizations in urban centers and includes three key elements: funded partnerships, cross-disciplinary collaboration and the incubation of transformative learning experiences for youth.


Existing networks:

Hive NYC and Hive Chicago were the first learning networks founded by The MacArthur Foundation in 2009. Later joined by Hive Pittsburgh and Hive Toronto in 2012, these four networks use their resources and expertise to provide project consultation, catalytic support, distribute and curate local innovations and forge new learning pathways for local youth. The model has since been remixed in ways that allow for other cities to leverage the unique assets of their local communities, and bring together organizations and learners to collaborate, connect and thrive.

In addition to the full Hive Learning Networks, there are also burgeoning Hive Learning Communities where individuals and organizations are adopting a networked approach to support life-long learning, offer professional development and build opportunities for youth. The following cities are mobilizing around Connected Learning as they link organizations and individual mentors with communities to incubate youth projects that are interest-powered, peer-supported, production-centered, open, and shared, collaborative, and inter-connected.

As our reach grows and new Hive Learning communities emerge, we continue to explore how to better link to, learn from and support one other, while thinking strategically about how to make it easier for great programs to spread, and to connect mentors with shared affinities to generate richer experiences for youth.

We are in the process of creating a how-to manual and resource library for those interested in exploring networked innovation models and developing a Hive Learning Community.