Hive Learning Networks are comprised of organizations and individuals who have come together to create opportunities in cities around the world for youth and underserved communities to learn within and beyond the confines of traditional classroom experiences, design innovative practices and tools that build the field for greater impact, and contribute to their own professional development within an active community of practice.


The Hive Vancouver Learning Community was established in 2014 as a collaboration between the Vancouver Public Library, the Museum of Vancouver, Open Media, the Vancouver Maker Foundation, Vancouver Community Laboratory, Mozilla Webmaker and other local organizations working to enrich digital learning opportunities in the Greater Vancouver region. This effort brings together educators, technologists, mentors and institutions to design innovative, self-led digital learning experiences for youth and marginalized groups. Through free hands-on events, resources and programmes, the community aims to enrich the local ecosystem of digital opportunities to help Vancouverites develop key 21st-century skills, together.



Because the Hive is made up of local organizations with shared learning goals, our main method of community engagement is uniting around local events, meetups and pop-ups to provide fun and engaging events for youth and marginalized communities. We are also exploring longer-term collaborations. We are currently accepting incoming organizations who would like to join the network, so please get in touch if you have an idea or would like to get involved.



Designers, makers, artists, technologists, librarians and teachers – anyone who, through the networked model, creates transformative learning experiences for youth.

Youth and marginalized communities

Middle and high school-aged youth and underserved communities in Vancouver who learn through hands-on making and exploration with peers and mentors, while developing web literacy, digital skills and 21st century competencies key to employment, digital citizenship and future success.

Partners, technologists and entrepreneurs

These individuals and organizations recognize Hive Learning Networks as distributed learning labs, and help develop new approaches and tools with learning innovators.